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Thrive! Stop wishing your life away….

Join Kelli Richards on: Friday, June 28, 2013, 9am-4pm,…. and learn to Thrive!

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Date: June 28, 2013
Location: Silicon Valley Capital Club, San Jose CA

Based on "Million Dollar Consultant" Alan Weiss's recent book by the same name, this experience will forever change the way you look at the world and empower you to feel and act as the master of your own fate.

Under Alan's direction, Kelli has condensed and solidified 25 years of working with industry leaders and celebrities to share a very powerful set of skills that will rouse you to set your own course without fear, baggage, intimidation, or guilt.

Thrive! will help you create consistent high points of self-worth (mastery) through the intelligent acquisition and application of skills.

In the first day of Thrive! you will:

  • Evaluate what's working and not working in your life; ID areas for transformation

  • Develop techniques to create reasonable “stretch” goals for growth

  • Articulate what legitimate achievements look like for you

  • Master use of your time, including overcoming distractions

  • Jettison the energy suckers and bad influences

  • Mastery of your own life; no longer base your self-worth on outside judgments

  • Get real about things you've said you really wanted to do/have in life but never get around to

  • Kill cows (throw baggage off the train—no cows will be harmed!)

  • Act like a success to live like a success

  • Avoid victim and poverty mentalities; be accountable for actions & adopt an abundance mindset

  • Deal with difficult people (including yourself)

  • Recognize and exploit your own greatest assets

  • Get comfortable with who you are & be able to drive your life autonomously vs. keeping up with the Joneses

  • Embrace self-mastery and self-direction

  • Voluntarily discuss obstacles and learn to overcome them

  • Create a six point, personal plan to ensure that you Thrive!

Investment in your future:

$799 registration fee
$599 if you register before May 28th, 2013

In addition, you’ll receive a copy of Alan’s book "Thrive: Stop Wishing Your Life Away" on which this workshop is based; lunch is also included. Register early as space is limited & we expect it to sell out.

About your Workshop Leader

Kelli Richards is CEO of The All Access Group LLC, based in Cupertino, CA. She's an industry visionary and innovator with deep expertise in digital distribution, celebrity wrangling, branded content and social engagement. Kelli served at Apple for 10 years and helped to birth the digital music and entertainment space. She has since been working with disruptive, innovative start-ups and F100 companies in tech and entertainment alike as a strategic business development consultant, mentor, trusted advisor and change agent in the convergence of technology and entertainment for over 15 years. Her coaching clients include tech geniuses and innovators as well as rock stars and entertainers. She's also a published author, thought leader, talent producer, and the host of a popular weekly online radio show. Kelli is mentored by Alan Weiss, and she's one of fewer than forty Master Mentors around the globe personally trained by Alan.

Kelli was recently selected as one of the Silicon Valley Business Journal’s Women of Influence.

What People Are Saying About Kelli:

“Kelli’s guidance and support was instrumental in getting me on track for the life I’ve been dreaming of.”
“Kelli is a very clear, honest, & direct success coach. Her intuitive presence empowered me to reach deep inside myself to find my own answers. Kelli’s laser-focused attention led me to deeper clarity around my authentic self.”
“Kelli is committed to excellence and success, and she embodies this in her coaching through rigorous and unflinching honesty that goes bone deep.”

Yes, sign me up for Thrive!