"Alan Weiss is, without doubt, one of the most astute business people I've come across in the last 20 years."

Anne Miller
Metaphorically Selling
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The Thought Leadership Symposium


We've been sold out two years in a row. Sign up now for our 2012 Thought Leadership workshop. Contact Alan for dates, location, discounts, and deposit required: [email protected]. Don't miss another year. Limited participation!

Aggressively Led and Conducted by Alan Weiss!

Date: October 19-21, 2011
Location: The Breakers, West Palm Beach, Florida

Because of the intense interest of advanced professionals in creating dominance in their areas of expertise (and dramatically expanding that expertise), I'm conducting (not "hosting," but leading) a SECOND annual thought leadership conference on October 19-21, 2011. This will entail three days of intensive work with 2011 special guest David Maister, best-selling author and small business growth expert.


  • Rapidly move to widely acknowledged leadership in the areas you identify.

  • Expand and enlarge those areas to the maximum degree.

  • Become the "go to" person who can't be ignored and must be approached.

  • Create "mega-gravity" where people are forced into your orbit.

  • Increase your fees, increase your leads, decrease your labor intensity.

  • Create a life that blends your talents, personal needs, and professional repute.

Special Guest: David Maister

No one serious in the small business field can be unfamiliar with our special guest who is a renown thought leader—following the precedent set by Marshall Goldsmith in 2010, David Maister joins us in the 2011 workshop.. That's the type of niche ownership and thought leadership to which you should aspire. Whether others agree with you or not, they must be familiar with you and your work. David's books include Strategy and the Fat Smoker (included in the course), Managing the Professional Services Firm, and True Professionalism, among others.


  • Alan's Stairstep Method for multi-dimensional growth in thought leadership.

  • Identifying and exploiting "pulse points."

  • Planned and extemporaneous thought leadership role-plays.

  • Three books to read in preparation, which will be discussed, as models.

  • Practice in debate and influence.

  • Guest discussion leader who indisputably "owns a niche."

  • Examination and analysis of TED.com videos to deconstruct thought leadership.

  • Everyone will leave with a book outline with chapters and sub-points.*

  • Six, monthly, follow-up teleconferences conducted by me.

  • Private, five-minute, monthly, ThoughtVideo from me with ongoing insights.

  • 2.5 intensive days, stay for the third afternoon if you can (no extra charge).

  • Elegant meals and wines, consistent with being an "object of interest."

  • "Retreat" environment—lodging and all meals included.

$15,000 ($14,000 prior to Jan. 1, 2011)
$12,000 for members of my communities ($11,000 prior to Jan. 1)
$6,000 for returning grads ($5,000 prior to Jan. 1)

These will be intensive, 8-to-5 days. We will work hard and play hard. But expect the toughest kind of hard work: mental challenge. Marketing will be the easy part! This will be an intellectually rewarding experience, probably rare, and perhaps unprecedented in your "normal" career progression.

Unique Benefits:

  • Create a personal blueprint that will rapidly close the distance between your current state and your model for thought leadership.

  • Surround yourself with the best of my community’s talent to share and create one of the most powerful, mutually-reinforcing communities anywhere.

  • Introduction to additional thought leaders with whom I interact and create new contacts with this community.

  • Break through the barriers holding you back by interacting with those who have done what you need to do, just as you help them with what you've already done.

  • Intellectual stimulation, punctuated by great discussion and wonderful informal recreation.

  • Develop the ability to talk "beyond your niche" and become an object of interest to anyone, at any time.


  1. Preparation Work:
    • Three books (currently vetting, to be announced, available as of June 15)
    • Questionnaire to be returned to me
    • Specific self- analysis to maximize participation (e.g., identification of competitors, brand strength indicator, expansion plans, etc.)

  2. October 18: Arrival and group dinner

  3. October 19:
    • Identifying thought leadership as it applies to you and your future plans
    • Creation of a personal blueprint and multiple "stair step" approaches
    • Identification and exploitation of "pulse points"
    • Role-plays as thought leaders
    • Discussion of book #1
    • Analysis of TED.com
    • Improvements to personal plans
    • Barrier analysis
    • Begin personal book outline.*

  4. October 20:
    • Share best practices, overcome remaining obstacles/barriers
    • Review of book #2
    • Practice in debate and influence in teams
    • Create more aggressive marketing plans
    • Open discussion with thought leader guest
    • Post-discussion analysis of guest comments
    • Create more aggressive fee structures
    • Guidance on book outline specifics
    • "Create your peers"
    • Create personalized book outline*

  5. October 21:
    • Discuss book #3
    • Share personalized book outlines, refine, complete*
    • Dates and topics for continuing teleconferences and ThoughtVideos
    • Complete personalized blueprint and actions
    • Share and gain accountability partners and measures
    Afternoon (optional, no extra charge)
    • Facilitated discussion of "beyond thought leadership"
    • Maximizing global and technological leverage points
    • Extemporaneous creation of intellectual property as a model

  6. Post-Event
    • Complete book proposal and submit to Alan (30 days)*
    • Refine proposal as needed and submit to Alan's agent (60 days)*
    • Begin accountability discussions with partners (1 week)
    • Receive ThoughtVideos (begin in 10 days)
    • Participate in teleconference series (begins in 30 days)

* If you already have written published books, or aren't interested in publishing one, then we'll substitute a teleconference series, video series, business column, annual symposium, or whatever makes sense for your situation, with specific plans.

It's time to stop being a "best kept secret." I estimate this journey will create more than 60 hours of focused, systematized work over the course of the process, in addition to your own, personal, ongoing efforts, organized toward making you a thought leader and center of expertise.

Remember, we will proceed with 6 people, but will accept no more than 16. There are no refunds unless we cancel the session, but if you must cancel, you may use your payment as a full credit against any future workshop of any kind without penalty and without time limit.

Accolades from the 2010 participants

For me, Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Symposium was transformative. I came away a different person in terms of attitude, clarity, and focus for my business. This experience is like obtaining a Ph.D. in your own business – in only three days. It was an intense, focused, mentally challenging, and introspective journey actively led by Alan, who also provided ample one-on-one time. Each day brought profound insights, new understanding, and personal as well as professional breakthroughs. Not only did Alan teach by example, he provided another thought leader role model by inviting Marshall Goldsmith to join us. For those seeking a rigorous, intellectually challenging experience that will profoundly change the way you view yourself and your business and enable you to become the dominate person in your area of expertise, you cannot afford to miss Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Symposium.

Pat Lynch, Ph.D.
Business Alignment Strategies, Inc.
Thanks for a brilliant experience at Thought Leadership. I came in with some vague ideas and general desire and left with clarity about the field in which I can focus my thought leadership efforts, who my constituency is, and a plan for how to get there and commitment to the next steps. It was a very worthwhile experience that will accelerate my business growth.
Stephen Billing
Exponential Consulting Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand
Thank you again for an invaluable and powerful three days. Extraordinary on so many levels. Thought Leadership combines mind stretching concepts with practical application in an environment that provokes, challenges, stimulates, expands and ultimately empowers. I arrived hopeful but uncertain. I left confident and clear. With a plan to follow and the support to make it happen.
Charles Day
Looking Glass Consultancy
New York
Alan Weiss’s Thought Leadership Workshop is the space shuttle that has launched my consulting business. He created new intellectual property (IP) that was customized and tailored for me and my business, along with a plan on how to implement immediately. This will rapidly accelerate my recognition as the thought leader in my field
William J. Corbett
Corbett Business Consulting
Loveland, CO
Thought Leadership is an experience only for those who want to see the big picture and want to step up to the top of the mountain of thought leadership. Alan, through TL, showed me how to see the bigger picture and how to enhance my intellectual property as the thought leader for successful solo and small firm lawyers. While TL may result in increased revenue, this experience was not about revenue production, but rather positioning in the industry. The work was strenuous, but my growth was stupendous. My expectation is that Alan's future personal involvement will multiply my ROI many fold more as the year progresses.
Ed Poll, J.D., M.B.A., CMC
LawBiz Management
Venice, CA
Alan Weiss is a world leader in providing thought leadership development for successful consultants. Working with Alan has exposed me to rare and unique experiences including being coached by Marshall Goldsmith, getting great advice from fellow global consultants, and having Alan himself challenge my thinking, guide my business strategies and accelerate my speed to success. Phenomenal!
Phil Symchych
Symco & Co.
Regina, Canada
Participating in Thought Leadership has given me the laser focus, tools and deep resources to radically change the future of my career and business. I'm sending out a press release on my participation at TL. Thanks for an ideal event!
Michelle Randall
Enriching Leadership International
Morgan Hills, CA
Your first-ever thought leadership symposium left me raging hot to enable successful women to become thought leaders. As you always do, you inspired, cajoled and encouraged, never missing a beat. Best of all: You gave us the mindset, thought processes, and precision tools to each become a thought leader in our field of expertise. Thank you for the mind-bending experience!
Roberta Guise, MBA
Guise Marketing & PR
San Francisco
How am I better off having attended Thought Leadership? First, I met a truly inspiring bunch of people. Second, I came away with a very clear picture of my Thought Leader constituency, who I am going to help. Third, I have a clear plan on how to reach them. But most importantly I left knowing that, hey! I can do this stuff! Thanks for a tremendous three days.
Stephen Hay
People and Process
Wellington, New Zealand

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We've been sold out two years in a row. Sign up now for our 2012 Thought Leadership workshop. Contact Alan for dates, location, discounts, and deposit required: [email protected]. Don't miss another year. Limited participation!