"Alan Weiss is, without doubt, one of the most astute business people I've come across in the last 20 years."

Anne Miller
Metaphorically Selling
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The Weekly Sabbatical

Your guide to ongoing renewal through productive personal time weekly
I've found that the significant thought leaders I've been fortunate to work with all believe in the concept of "sabbatical": A planned departure from normal work and routines to recharge the batteries and renew the spirit.

$300 (discount available)  More info


Enlightened Self-Publishing

For the first time, I'm offering a service to take your manuscript and create a soft cover or hard cover book, with options based on your needs for everything from proofing through tailored web support page and video You can choose what you need. The result will be your intellectual property in a book you can be proud of. from $5,500 (options available)  More info


The Alan Card (and The Bentley Card)

I'm instantiating the Unicorn. As of 2014 there will be a Diamond Alan Card. (Colleen Francis calls this "all in," which is a poker term, and Colleen gambles on cards. My biggest gamble is wolfing down shellfish at dives on the Jersey Shore.) The card will entitle the bearer to partake of my offerings below (I've indicated as much as I can about next year and whether fees will increase or be stable).

$55,000 (options available)  More info


Alan's Common Sense World View

Interested in a five-minute video weekly on the world around us, trends, opportunities, interpretations, and positive vibes? I'm shooting it every week, no matter where I am in the world. It will start in June. It's $295 for a full year.

$295   More info


Alan Weiss's Common Sense Consulting™ Weekly Video

Receive a boost every week with another technique for Common Sense Consulting which will increase your income, decrease your labor intensity, enrich your life, and play a great piano (probably a Steinway).

$250   More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

Supercharged Coaching (KAATN)

I'm inviting those who are interested and qualified to participate in a "sea change" in my approach. As of January 1, 2013, all of my traditional mentoring work will be conduced by over 40 Master Mentors around the world, all of whom are "graduates" of the Mentor Program and all of whom were personally trained by me.

That frees me up to provide a new, very intensive development experience combining my executive coaching models with entrepreneurial and solo practitioner needs: Supercharged Coaching.

Price: $17,000     More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

Alan’s Growth Cycle™

For some time, people who are veterans of my communities and events have asked for “special time” with others they believe are at their particular level of success and career progression, and with me, personally. I’ve tried to provide that with a variety of offerings and intimate experiences, but I think it’s time to formalize the opportunity for those who have garnered the learning and experiences requisite to grow dramatically—personally and professionally—within small groups.

The two experiences look like this:
I. Alan’s Circle
II. Alan’s Roundtable

Price: $15,000 / $25,000     More info

Improbably Improv

Improbably Improv

  • Date: March 31, 2014
  • Location: in New York (The Palace Hotel)
  • Date: June 2, 2014
  • Location: LA (site to be determined)

Would you like to "stay in the moment" when you're dealing with prospects, always have a strong response, be both opportunistic and intentional? I've decided that the best way to help people to overcome nerves, be "present," and fully apply their talent is to practice the art of improvisation.

$1,995 (discounts available)    More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

The Rational Process Workshop for Thought Leaders

  • April 1, 2014 at The Palace Hotel in New York City
  • June 3, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

There are critical thinking skills which can be used instantly with impressive influence to solve problems, make decisions, innovate, negotiate, and so forth. This session will explain them in both detail and rapid fire use, and make you adept at utilizing them. The participants in the recent Thought Leadership Graduate Experience had me spend an hour on this material, unscheduled, during our time together recently. It's powerful and readily learnable.

$1,995 (discounts available)    More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

Personal Power

  • London, April 23, 2014

This workshop will explore and build "presence" and charisma. We'll create and practice the traits that work for you to:

  • Command a discussion
  • Influence a meeting
  • Turn objection into advantage
  • Be instantly accepted and heeded
  • Enable others to be successful by being with you
  • Set the standard for others
  • Build personal and/or professional communities

$1,795 (discounts available)    More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

The Pivot Point

  • London April 24, 2104

The pivot point is that point at which you dig your foot into the conversational turf and change direction. You "run to daylight" in the immortal coach Vince Lombardi's words.

Great athletes turn quickly toward opportunity. People do the same in successful careers and conversations. This is how to escape wandering and meandering discussions and "run to daylight." Your daylight, of course, is a proposal and a project.

$1,000 AM + $750 PM (discounts available)    More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

Million Dollar Consulting® College

May 5-9, 2014
Ocean Cliff, Newport, RI

To codify all that I know about establishing, operating, and growing a consulting practice in one place. I've written scores of books, hundreds of articles and columns, and been interviewed regularly about my pioneering approaches to establishing buyer relationships, setting fees, creating irresistible proposals, and all the other elements that have made my own practice so effective. However, even my more comprehensive books, such as Million Dollar Consulting® and The Ultimate Consultant, can't create the gestalt that an interactive session can provide. And an interactive session alone is far too limited to accomplish what I seek. A lot of people may be able to help you build business, but my intent is to help build practices and firms which create wealth. Thus, I've created The Million Dollar Consulting® College. I know it's a somewhat aggrandizing name! But here's what it entails, far beyond any course, program, "boot camp," or other developmental experience.

Price: $16,000     More info

The Innovation Formula

The Innovation Formula

Special Teleconference
May 13, 2014

In this 11 am (US Eastern Time) hour-long teleconference I'll discuss in detail:

  • Sources of innovative ideas
  • Differences between creativity and innovation
  • Differences between opportunism and innovation
  • Evaluation of innovative ideas against powerful criteria
  • How to promote and exploit innovation
  • Rewarding behaviors and not victories

Price: $200     More info


Strategy Formulation and Implementation

Date: Sept. 3-4 2014
Location: Providence, RI

I’ve been asked to provide formal strategic thinking skills (note that I don’t say “strategic planning,” because it’s an oxymoron—you’ll learn about this in the session). This is for any consultant or speaker who anticipates he or she will be discussing strategy with key executives, and, of course, accepting projects to assist with it.

This 2014 session is based on demand, it was not scheduled.

$2,500 (discounts available)     More info


2014 Thought Leadership
Fifth Annual Conference

  • Date: October 22-24, 2014
  • Location: Four Seasons, Palm Beach, FL

In this fifth, annual session, we will continue to push the envelope to expand our expertise, broadcast that expertise, and become the "go-to" person in our area of excellence.

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Shameless Promotion

Shameless Promotion

This is a two-day, total immersion process. We will deal with "plugged-in" (web-based) and "unplugged" (any format) promotion, and their overlap. You will actually design approaches while we are together, have them critiqued, and finalize what you plan to do.

Price: $24,000 Divided among the number of attendees  More info

The Million Dollar Consulting® College

The Speaker's Master Class

The goal is simple: To take you in two days from good to incredible, from competent to charismatic. You will be able to command a room and command fees commensurate with your presence and results.

Price: $35,000     More info

The Million Dollar Club

The Million Dollar Club

We are inviting a dozen people who are solo practitioners or small firm owners in the professional services space, who make a minimum of seven figures annually, for a three-day meeting at a very high-end resort. We will exchange marketing ideas, collaborate on leads, mutually solve business problems, examine maximization of profit, and also have access to great golf, tennis, scuba diving, etc. No outside presenters, only a very successful group facilitated by Alan Weiss. Significant others and spouses are welcome. All lodging, meals, and local transportation are included. The fee is $15,000 and we'll adjust the dates to match the participants. A rare opportunity to be with the best of the best.

Price: $15,000     More info

Digital Empire Creation

Digital Empire Creation

What do the most powerful and successful global thought leaders do that others don’t?

  • They are prolific publishers of powerful content.
  • They have their content presented and available in a variety of formats such as: articles, position papers, checklists, surveys, process visuals, audio and video options.
  • They have products available such as: eBooks, booklets, books, CDs, audio books, teleseminars, webinars, workshops and more.
  • They provide remarkable value that manifests itself through their unique intellectual property.
  • They productize and monetize their business.
  • They leverage many aspects of technology and the Internet to the highest level of success.

Over the years, Chad Barr has found that many clients have outstanding and impressive amounts of knowledge, ideas, wisdom and expertise that they maintain in their heads (intellectual capital). Unfortunately, manyof them struggle with how to create and manifest it in the form of tangible product offerings such as the ones mentioned above (intellectual property). What they find most challenging is how to effectively monetize such efforts.

More info

Speaking With Alan

Speaking With Alan

Schedule as requested

A 2.5-day experience at my home in which no more than six people create, practice, and develop a marketing plan for one or more speeches. It is at least six months' of work in a half-week.

Price: $7,500     More info