"Alan Weiss is, without doubt, one of the most astute business people I've come across in the last 20 years."

Anne Miller
Metaphorically Selling
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Special European Workshops

Date: January 12-13, 2011
Location: Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, Germany


I've been asked to return to Europe, and we've chosen Berlin, where I haven't been since I was an exchange student to Finland in 1963!

Wherever you are in the world, you are welcome to attend! I've chosen two very popular workshops, both new this year, one professional, one personal: Change Management, and Thrive!

The Change Management Workshop

Date: January 12, 2011
Investment: $1,300

This is a methodology workshop analogous to The Strategist and The Coach. I only touched on change management in my Best Practices Workshop, due to the volume of material I was covering.

This workshop is intended for consultants who are (or who seek to be) engaged in change management efforts in large and small businesses, non-profits, government, and/or educational institutions.

You will, as a result of this session, be able to:

  • Quickly frame and diagnose change needs.
  • Utilize the little-appreciated role of changes in distinctions.
  • Identify and galvanize stakeholders.
  • Synergistically involve structural, systemic, and social changes.
  • Create and perpetuate internal change agents.
  • Adapt a rational change leadership sequence.
  • Prevent and/or overcome the six key resistors.
  • Apply your learning to case studies.
  • Apply your learning to actual material you bring with you.
  • Drastically reduce your labor intensity in accomplishing change.

In one day we’ll help you to become a laser beam of highly focused change management techniques. There will be preparation reading and performance aids provided during our time together.

I am a contributing author to the highly regarded 2010 Practicing Organizational Change (Wiley), along with colleagues such as Warner Burke and Edgar Schein, and the author of The Unofficial Guide to Power Management.

Join me for an intensive day of mastering change that will change your career.


Stop wishing your life away….

Date: January 13, 2011
Investment: $1,300

Based on Alan’s newest book, this experience will change the way you look at the world around you and empower you to feel and act like the master of your own fate.

Alan has condensed and solidified what he’s learned over 25 years of working with highly successful people to create a very powerful set of skills and behaviors that will allow you to set your own course without fear, baggage, intimidation, or guilt.

His very popular Self-Esteem Workshop dealt with feelings of self-worth during high points and low. Thrive! will help you create consistent high points through the intelligent acquisition and application of skills.

You will:

  • Develop techniques to create reasonable “stretch” goals
  • Master use of your time, including overcoming distractions
  • Jettison the energy suckers and bad influences
  • Kill cows (throw baggage off the train—no cows will be harmed)
  • Act like a success to live like a success
  • Avoid both victim and poverty mentalities
  • Deal with difficult people (including yourself)
  • Recognize and exploit your own greatest assets

Register Now

  • Change Management: One Day $1300
  • Thrive!: One Day $1300
  • Attend both: $2000 (save 23%)