"Alan Weiss is, without doubt, one of the most astute business people I've come across in the last 20 years."

Anne Miller
Metaphorically Selling
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$0 to $300,000

Date: May 19-20, 2009

Crowne Plaza Hotel
801 Greenwich Ave
Warwick, RI 02886

This program is designed for both new and experienced consultants who wish to quickly accelerate to an annual income of $300,000 with almost total profit, pre-tax. We will cover:

  • Gaining visibility
  • Finding high potential prospects in tough times
  • Leveraging existing contacts
  • Providing high quality first, and lasting, impressions
  • Generating cash short-term
  • My personal techniques when I almost ran out of money early in my career
  • Manifesting clear and compelling value
  • Moving toward proposals on the first meeting with a true buyer
  • Acquiring referrals and support
  • Creating personal support systems

We will engage in:

  • Interactive discussion
  • Role-plays
  • Case studies and simulations
  • "Hot Seat" challenges
  • Extensive small group work

Whether you are at $0 or $200,000 in annual revenues, the goal is to help you, in the toughest of economic times, to move toward very high margin work very quickly. This is not a duplication of my Million Dollar Consulting® College, or Six Figures to Seven Workshop, except insofar as my philosophy about buyers, fees, and relationships remain paramount.

This program will be on May 19-20, 2009, in the Providence area, where I will secure an excellent facility with very reasonable room rates. Your tuition includes two breakfasts, two lunches, and four refreshment breaks, the books Getting Started in Consulting and The Global Consultant, AND the first ten registrants will be treated to dinner on me the first evening of the course at one of my favorite restaurants.

There is one fee for everyone, no discounts, no installments: $2500. You should gain that back within 90 days in the worst case, if not sooner.

There are no refunds unless the program is not presented. If you cancel, you may use the fee as a credit toward any future workshop of mine within 12 months.

Start off the year with the acceleration you need.

"Alan’s 0-300K workshop paid immediate dividends for me. Within three weeks of completing it, I had a new agreement with a national company which returned my investment three-fold. The strategies, techniques, and role-playing lessons will impact my business for years to come. In addition, I learned ways to improve my life and made great new friends. The workshop was one of the best life decisions I’ve ever made. "

Dan Weedin
Toro Consulting, Inc. Poulsbo, WA

"Alan, many thanks for the time and attention to detail for our in person 0-300 in Providence. I came for a review and left with much more.

You know from the statistics that we pre-sent before the program that 2008 had been a difficult year for us. With all our efforts, creativity and innovation we were not hitting the mark with our prospects and ecommerce efforts. The two days in Providence ended up being much more than a review for me. It become a reinvigoration of thought and effort toward the effective part of running my business.

It is always nice to have a nice ending to new learning and I am pleased to say that we booked a $47,000.00 project this morning as a direct result of my shifting my thinking and adding some of the key aspects from the case study and proposal writing work we did during the 2 days together. I also did not charge what I would have charged in 2008. I doubled it. The client did not blink and was delighted with what we will accomplish together.

So…many thanks for taking your ever thinking brain cells and putting them into to usable form for the 34 of us that attended. The networking was terrific, the logistics could not have been better and the information I was open to learning and applying has set my confidence meter on high. "

Natalie R. Manor
Natalie Manor & Associates