"Alan Weiss is, without doubt, one of the most astute business people I've come across in the last 20 years."

Anne Miller
Metaphorically Selling
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Million Dollar Consulting® College

Apr. 22-26, 2013
Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI

I've been asked to create this extended workshop for years but always resisted. The closest I've come were the Rainmaking Seminars that lasted for a day and a half and were presented three times a year.

But it's time, because I want to codify all that I know about establishing, operating, and growing a consulting practice in one place. I've written scores of books, hundreds of articles and columns, and been interviewed regularly about my pioneering approaches to establishing buyer relationships, setting fees, creating irresistible proposals, and all the other elements that have made my own practice so effective.

However, even my more comprehensive books, such as Million Dollar Consulting® and The Ultimate Consultant, can't create the gestalt that an interactive session can provide. And an interactive session alone is far too limited to accomplish what I seek. A lot of people may be able to help you build business, but my intent is to help build practices and firms which create wealth. Thus, I've created The Million Dollar Consulting® College. I know it's a somewhat aggrandizing name! But here's what it entails, far beyond any course, program, "boot camp," or other developmental experience.

Components of the College

  1. A week of intensive interaction with me and a very small group of colleagues. There will be over 35 hours of work, interaction, discussion, (and fun). We'll enjoy some social activities together, some meals, and a great deal of pragmatic work on your individual concerns. There is an agenda of the week below. There is one-on-one coaching, as well.
  2. The Million Dollar Consulting® College Manual of over 200 pages, containing every form, template, and job aid discussed in the program, from phone scripts to expense reports, from press kit contents to invoices.
  3. Twenty CDs--20 hours of information--which cover every aspect of consulting, from coaching to networking, and from fee setting to product sales.
  4. The complete Ultimate Consultant Series, seven books, nearly 2,000 pages, on topics ranging from branding to life balance, plus Breaking Through Writer's Block.
  5. Individualized pre-session work to maximize your value. The preparatory work includes focus on value proposition, pricing strategy, referral sources, time allocation, etc.
  6. Lifetime admission to Alan's Forums, an international gathering place of professionals and entrepreneurs who discuss daily issues ranging from marketing to fees, and life balance to ethics.
  7. I will provide 30 days of complimentary coaching immediately following the College to help you bridge the learning to your own circumstances and client base.

I have never before created an experience like this, combining intensive workshop instruction and practice, with comprehensive support materials in both print and audio formats, supported by six months of real-time consulting access. There is simply no other opportunity or growth experience like this available in the entire profession. I wasn't even ready to attempt it until this point in my own career, after eight years of mentoring consultants in all aspects of the profession all over the world.

Here's What's In It For You

Here are just some of the areas and attributes that will improve as a result of this experience:

  • Create your most dramatic value propositions
  • Develop a powerful and memorable brand
  • Create phone "scripts" for cold calling situations
  • Create a powerful physical and electronic press kit
  • Find and identify the true economic buyer faster
  • Create a trusting, peer-level relationship with that buyer
  • Use language effectively to gain buyer commitment
  • Create "bullet proof" proposals
  • Implement projects with a minimum of labor intensity
  • Expand business constantly and gain referrals continually
  • Choose the best legal options for your business
  • Protect your intellectual property in the most comprehensive manner
  • Choose the best financial alternatives for your practice
  • Identify the best Internet marketing strategies and support
  • Maximize time efficiency
  • Select passive income options, from products to royalties
  • Learn how to gain an interview from a press inquiry every time
  • Acquire forms and templates to maximize your efficiency
  • Improve your life balance, discretionary time, and personal options

We're going to have realistic exercises and simulations throughout. For example, we will take a press inquiry source, create a response template, and formulate a response in real time. We will use a mock office set up to practice meeting with a buyer. We'll use a telephone scenario to practice calling the buyer. You get the idea. I'm not a "talking head" and you're not a potted plant! We'll replicate what you're really facing, from walking in the door to answering the phone.

In addition, we will have special session experts on incorporation and protection of legal property; tax reporting, investment, and retirement planning; Internet marketing, search engines, and online sales; and business etiquette, dress, and style.

Where else can you obtain such a comprehensive development experience in the consulting profession? I think you can see why I call it a "College." So, as a result of your participation, I'm providing a certificate of graduation and a press release that you have completed this program. (In some cases, this program can serve to fulfill in-service educational requirements for professional associations.)

"You can read Alan Weiss's books and listen to his CDs; however, they pale in comparison to the Million Dollar Consulting® College experience. Additional value springs from elite professional peers. They reward you with their input, their follow-up, and the referrals of new business sources. Bring your high expectations to the college--they will be exceeded."

Graduate Keith McLeod

And Here Are the Books and CDs You'll Receive

The books and CDs below are worth $1,365 and will be shipped at the time of your registration, so that you can begin studying prior to the session, and these reference works will be available upon your return to support and reinforce the learning.

CDs (each one hour)
  • Advanced Consulting
  • Alliances
  • Branding
  • Coaching
  • Cold Calls
  • Conflict ResolutionValue Based Fees
  • Expanding Business
  • Language of the Sale
  • Networking
  • Power Writing
  • Product Creation
  • Proposal Writing
  • Publishing Commercially
  • Time Management (2)
  • Time Mastery
  • Value-Based Fees
  • Why Women Should Listen to Men
Books: The Ultimate Consultant Series
  • How to Acquire Clients
  • How to Establish A Brand
  • Great Consulting Challenges
  • Life Balance
  • Process Consulting
  • Value Based Fees
  • The Ultimate Consultant

And: Breaking Through Writer's Block: Every letter and template you'll ever need for a thriving professional services firm.

The Million Dollar Consulting® College is something that I'm passionate about. But to be successful, I know that, ironically, the fewer the better. So attendance is severely restricted to about the size of a "U-shaped" table (though we won't always be in that configuration). You must sign up early.

"A week-long investment with a lifetime of return. Not only was the content beneficial, but he opportunity to test ideas, worth through exercises, and generally network with those of similar practices was invaluable."

Graduate Leslie Furlow

Here Are Some of Your Colleagues' Opinions of My Offerings:

Being a new entrepreneur, and new to the consulting profession in general required a significant change in mindset from the corporate world. In preparation to launch my new career I knew that Alan Weiss was the go to person to provide me with the training, skills and self confidence to launch my business as fast and effectively as possible.

I have been following Alan for years, and taking the leap to invest in the Million Dollar Consulting college seemed significant. Not only was this course the best investment I have made in my life, but only four weeks after completing the college I have obtained my first project, which will nearly pay off my entire investment.

I am thankful to Alan, and his community for helping me to pursue my dream.

Shawn Casemore
President, Casemore and Co.

“Since MDCC, I've closed $210,000 in business from my proposals (three new clients and one existing for a new project). And still have a few more proposals in play. ”

Scott Wintrip, PCC
Wintrip Consulting Group

“Thank you for helping me to think bigger.  Your Million Dollar Consulting College program was exactly what I needed to catapult my business to the next level.  Your content is outstanding and your frank direct delivery is refreshing.  The program was simply brilliant.”

Peri Shawn
Coaching and Sales Institute
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

“I have three master’s degrees and a doctorate. These degrees were obtained at great effort, time, expense, and energy.

“I have just graduated from Alan Weiss’s Million Dollar Consulting® College. In terms of showing me how to provide value in my life and the lives of others, this experience was of more value than any of my degrees.

“Let me amend that: It was more valuable than all of them put together.”

Dr. Sally Wright
Alliance Consulting
Neshanic Station, NJ

“Thank you for a mind-blowing, life-shaking week. The Million Dollar Consulting® College is the best professional training I've ever participated in over the last 15 years, and it's exactly what I needed right now. I know you don't need my compliment to feel good about it, but I offer it anyway. It was a tremendous program in so many ways. It's going to change not only my life, but the lives of many others—my wife, my community, my assistant, my subcontractors—and, oh yeah, my clients. ‘Thank you’ is insufficient to express my appreciation, but it's the best I have for now.”

David Martin
Spanda Group
Cincinnati, OH


When I signed up for the College in April, I told you that I wanted to use the experience to build momentum after a strong start to the year.

It's now almost December and I just closed two proposals that put my gross sales this year at precisely twice what I did last year. This is my best year ever, achieved during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression!

Your model works, your guidance is priceless, and your community keeps me on track. Thank you.

C. David Gammel
High Context Consulting, LLC

"I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding books and products. The Ultimate Consultant series is invaluable to myself and my team and significantly contributed to our ability to generate well over a million dollars in consulting fees. This is above and beyond our corporate training revenue. Looking forward to your future work!"

Randy Zales
The Randy Zales Company

"You can add me to your testimonials--since working with you for three months in the Mentor Program, I've taken in checks nearing the total of my last three years!"

Don Vlcek
Vlcek and Associates

"You were the number one choice on our "hit parade" of sought-after speakers by those making six and seven figures in the profession. No one else was close."

Christine Sexter
Senior Partner
Expert Career Development Training

"I started my successful business ten years ago. The knowledge I have gained from your books and tapes has helped me get past my current plateau! I wish I had found out about you sooner before I wasted money on advice from other, less experienced business coaches."

Wayne McKinnon

"I'm getting great value as I sign up for my fourth time in the Private Roster Mentor Program. Our recent two-minute conversation a few weeks ago netted me $11,000 by quelling my tendency to treat others better than myself."

Terry Dockery, Ph.D., President
The Business Psychology Company

"I met a man today who modeled a special something, Alan Weiss. He doesn't worry about what other people think of him. He tells the truth. He doesn't worry about offending people. Some people deserve to be offended, he says, and he certainly doesn't worry about doing "great things" with his life. His goal in life is to relax and enjoy life. His goal in life is to love his wife and children. If how he makes his living supports that, AND he can do it ethically, morally, and with a spirit of service, that's enough."

Shary Raske
The Corporate Muse

"Your magic and my perseverance have paid off. It is about eight weeks after I took your remarkable class, and I closed the biggest deal of my professional career. It is a global branding assignment for a $50 billion computer company. Your seminar inspired me. Thanks again, and may I take you to lunch or dinner next time you are in NYC?"

Gene Seidman
President OptonLine

"I thought of you in terms of your PR. I thought, "Here is an accomplished consultant who knows how to market." When I heard you in New Orleans on the big stage, I thought, "Here is a man who has a huge staff and knows an awful lot about what he does." But when I heard you in DC in the more intimate setting, I thought not of the "salesman," not of the "consultant," and not of the "speaker"--I thought, "Here is a person with a brilliant mind and though he knows how to sell, he is truly unpretentious." You do justice to the profession of speaking and you are truly a great symbol of what we should do with our learning."

Bill Grimmette
The Olde Storyteller

"I recently received the framed diploma and our 'class' photo. Thank you very much!

I also wanted to reiterate to you how valuable and significant the Consulting College was for me. What previous graduates have said about the experience being 'life changing' is absolutely true; and as a previous participant in the Mentor Programme, I feel I've gained even more value since our previous work has really paved the way for what I found to be a quite profound experience. Since that week, everything about my business looks different;. I have a clarity and feeling of confidence that I've not had before. Better yet, the results are tangible - since the college, I've had two proposals accepted for amounts outside of the originally stated budgets. Thank you for so generously sharing your experience, knowledge and wisdom with me."

Jennifer Smokevitch
Roundtable Consulting Partners

The Agenda for the Week


8:00    Continental breakfast and registration
9:00    Role of the consultant
9:30    Value propositions
10:00    Economic buyers
10:30    Break
10:45    Branding
11:30    Phone scripts
12:15    Lunch
1:15    Phone role-play and discussion
2:00    Press kits: components and creation
2:45    Break
3:00    Networking discussion and practice
3:45    Sample marketing letters
4:30    Adjourn
6:00    Cocktail party


8:00    Continental breakfast
9:00    The use of language in the sale
9:30    Office meeting role-play and discussion
10:30    Break
10:45    Avoiding and circumventing gatekeepers
11:15    Conceptual agreement on outcomes
12:00    Lunch
1:00    Proposal writing
2:00    Review/critique of preparatory work
2:45    Break
3:00    Establishing options
3:30    Legal: incorporation, trademarks*
4:30    Adjourn
5:00    Optional: Business etiquette and dress*
6:00    Conclude


8:00    Continental breakfast
9:00    Fee setting formulas/approaches
10:00    Obtaining referral business
10:30    Break
10:45    Using the media, press inquiries
11:30    Advertising options
12:00    Lunch
1:00    Rebutting objections and role-play
1:45    Utilizing process visuals
2:30    Break
2:45    Utilizing the Internet: web and email
3:30    Internet: marketing, search, tags*
5:00    Adjourn


8:00    Continental breakfast
9:00    Time use and organization
10:00    Support and subcontracting
10:30    Break
10:45    Writing articles and position papers
11:15    Writing a book proposal and book
12:00    Lunch
1:00    Team discussion on learning points
2:00    Passive income alternatives
3:00    Break
3:15    Finance, taxes, retirement, etc.*
4:30    Open issues to cover Friday
5:00    Adjourn
6:00    Group dinner


8:00    Continental breakfast
9:00    Creating alliances
9:45    Self-development and confidence
10:30    Break
10:45    Life balance and family issues
11:30    Action planning for application
12:00    Address open issues from Thursday
12:45    Additional details on Mentor Program
1:00    Adjourn: Box lunch provided

* Guest expert sessions, which include Q&A

"A fabulous five days.filed with unlimited hard-driving, highly actionable, highly valued outcomes. Your intense focus on the growth of my practice, which began with your 'Good morning, Joe' on the first day, was so personally empowering. Your five-day college will bring to me a lifetime of measurable growth. Thank you so much!"

Graduate Joe White

But That's Just Part of It: Here's the Mentor Program

Since 1986, over 550 people have participated in my unique Private Roster Mentor Program. About a third of these people were new to the profession, and about two-thirds have been veterans seeking to improve their income, time management, or work effectiveness; or they've wanted to publish that long-desired book; or they've wanted to maintain their current income level while working less.

The Mentor Program includes the following:

  • Unlimited access to me for six months (you can begin immediately or choose a later starting date).
  • Phone calls returned within 90 minutes during business hours, Eastern time.
  • Faxes and emails responded to the same day as received.
  • A monthly electronic newsletter to build your practice (and I'll send you the entire archive--over 70 issues of rich content).
  • Free admission to the Mentor Summits which occur about every eight months (the last was in Monterey and the next in Paradise Island) which draw an average of 80 participants from around the word.
  • The freedom to "freeze" the program on the honor system, if you have a heavy workload, a vacation, or just want to work on our development plans.

In the Mentor Program we work together on your individualized needs, particularly those which emerge from our week together. You can use my assistance, among other things, to:

  • Review proposals
  • Role-play meetings
  • Discuss prospect reactions
  • Plan a branding strategy and implement
  • Be published
  • Find speaking opportunities
  • Create client options
  • Review and improve fees
  • Reduce labor intensity
  • Discuss and adapt consulting interventions
  • ...and just about anything else within my competencies

For six months, you'll be able to consult with me as your partner as you build on the techniques from our time together, and as you deal with the developments of your practice. Many of the program graduates have a "WWAD" list on their desk (What Would Alan Do?). You'll also be participating in a community of people like yourself around the world to assist in research, perspective, and support.

Are you already in the Mentor Program? Then you can join the college and either extend your involvement by six months, or you can deduct the fees you paid to be in the Mentor Program from the college tuition, to a maximum of $12,000! Either way, it's a great deal.

"Talk about return on investment. I felt I got my tuition back from the preparation work alone. My change in presentation for two new clients provided a fee more in line with the value I was delivering, and covered the entire college investment. In addition, the College allowed me to dramatically change my business model."

Graduate Gary Patterson

Register Now:

The college tuition which includes all the above, plus five breakfasts, a cocktail hour, a dinner, and a final-day box lunch, is $14,500. If you attend with a personal or business partner, the second person receives a 25% discount. Current and past members of the Mentor Program may either extend their participation by six months, or may take a credit of all Mentor tuition fees up to a total of $12,000. Members of the Society for Advancement of Consulting may take a 25% discount. IMC members receive a 20% discount. If you have purchased the Home Study version, you may credit the amount you paid for that purchase toward your tuition.

Note that only one form of discount may be applied by any participant.

Cancellation policy: No cancellations, but full credit of all payments made to any of my product and service offerings.

If you prefer to use our secure phone line, you may leave the information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: (401)884-2778.